Welcomr, a French start-up based in Tours, that is a security and embedded systems expert

The team behind Welcomr



The company

Welcomr successfully meets the challenge to integrate simplicity, agility and access management to a very high security level with its cloud-based access control management system.

From research to development, Welcomr conceived and developed this high-end solution to meet at best all expectations of its customers and to easily integrate physical access management to the structure of the company.

Welcomr revolutionizes access control management by removing all the "traditional and usual" curbs and by making from access management a real source of satisfaction for users and visitors

Electronic design and embedded development

Welcomr’s engineers are electronics and notably embedded systems experts.

The Welcomr’s monitor that is autonomous, independent and unique on the market has entirely been created and designed by them with passion.

The philosophy? Minimize attack surface to maximize security.

Web & phone development

The Welcomr app and the Security Center are from A to Z internally developed, allowing a lot of flexibility to better answer daily needs of access control management.

Welcomr is an agile and flexible solution that is undergoing a complete (r)evolution.

Wireless technologies specialist

The bluetooth 4 is the only connection required for the smooth operation of Welcomr: no internet connection needed, no pairing required…

Our customers do not have to worry about anything, our technology does the job for them.

Digital security expertise

With more than 10 years of experience and expertise in physical and digital security, Welcomr’s engineers are passionate.

Putting the security at the heart of the research and development and making it transparent to our customers is one of our team's priorities.

Access control management on smartphone, without any badge or key.

Welcomr allows you to put an end to keys, badges, remote controls or any other access codes. You might not know it yet, but your smartphone becomes your most secured key.

Welcomr brings a meaningful change in access control and visitors management, by making it easy to use, intuitive and limitless.

High security level and simplicity can finally get along.

Welcomr's team

Security experts and passionate about it!

They all share the common desire to upset security codes to satisfy all customers from the installation of the access control system to the visitors or final customers satisfaction.

Alexis Gollain


Managing Director

Linkedin d'Alexis Gollain

Jérémy Fain


Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

Linkedin de Jérémy Fain Twitter de Jérémy Fain

Arnaud Puret


Embedded software developer

Julie Cognard


International Marketing Manager

Linkedin de Julie Cognard

Ivan Duchauffour


Software developer

Linkedin d'Ivan Duchauffour

Théo Mira


Software developer

David Bechard


Business developer

Linkedin de David Bechard

Sonia Clopin


Business developer

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Technical Salesman

Linkedin de Leopol



Embedded System Developer

Nathalie Lauradoux


Office Manager

Linkedin de Nathalie Lauradoux

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