The Welcomr access control solution for...
your coworking space

Integrate flexibility and agility to the access management of your shared working spaces

Discover how the access management of your permanent residents, coworkers or other guests is optimized.

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An access control management service for your shared space

Access control for coworking spaces entirely on smartphone

Access 100% on smartphone

The user's smartphone is connected to the Welcomr controller via Bluetooth : the one and only connection needed.

The access control and management of your working spaces becomes simple and quick on smartphone

Simplified management

The Security Center, the Welcomr management interface, is a SaaS solution that allows the assignment of access rights to the coworkers.

A simplified access management solution

Unlimited usage

The number of temporary users is unlimited.

Welcomr has no limit concerning the access to send

Maximum flexibility and agility

An API is developed to ease the integration of third party services: booking platform, shared calendar, etc.

The access control on smartphone that makes your coworkers and guests happy

Enriched customer experience

The coworker receives his access rights by email before his arrival. His access becomes active when he is near the authorized area.

Welcomr guarantees the security and the confidentiality of all your data that are in the system

Guaranteed digital security

The controller and the lock are not connected to the Internet; therefore, it is impossible to remotely hack the system.

The Welcomr access control solution on smartphone has been conceived for the coworking spaces and the shared working spaces

An automated and agile access management

Free yourself from keys and badges... while securing your coworking space.

Do not worry about the access management, Welcomr does it for you!

Thanks to the intuitive and ergonomist Welcomr interface, the manager simply distributes permanent accesses to his permanent residents and temporary accesses to his occasional coworkers.
Outside of the authorized schedule, the user either permanent or occasional, cannot access to the shared working space.

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Functionalities adapted to your needs

Save time and money by simplifying your physical access management

Simplify your daily life

The controller or the Welcomr connected lock are able to calculate the attendance time of a user: everything to ease the management of your billings.

Automate your accesses via smartphone even to parking spaces

Add a parking space booking

The Welcomr service facilitates the management of your parking. The access to a parking space is associated to the booking of a working space.

Offer more services to your coworkers is one single tool: Welcomr

Internal resources management

Control all your resources by integrating them to Welcomr: pint-out, Wi-fi access, lighting management, etc.

Welcomr is consistent with the GDPR

Respect of privacy

Welcomr offers a solution that respects the privacy of your coworkers and their guests by guaranteeing confidentiality. 

Make your community autonomous

Once their rights are downloaded, your coworkers can come serenely and autonomously...

We trust you to keep them happy after that :)

Welcomr offers a better user experience to all your coworkers:

  • 100% dematerialized accesses always in the pocket, no badges or access codes constraints
  • The possibility for your coworkers to give limited access their guests autonomously

Quick installation

The installation of Welcomr is simple and quick. With the help of a certified installer or by your own means, your building is equipped in less than 10 minutes.

Integration available

Thanks to the open Welcomr API, more than 1 000 popular softwares are already compatible with Welcomr for some easy and tailor-made integrations, as close to your needs.

100% digital and secured

Welcomr brings a real change to the access control and the management of the coworkers, by making it easy to use, intuitive and limitless while guaranteeing a high security level.

Independent controller and autonomous lock: Welcomr is the easiest access control to install

A connected access control easy to install

The Welcomr controller allows the securing of the access to your coworking space.

The installation does not require complexe wiring or installation works : simple installation, near the door, modular and evolving, and no internet connection needed!

The autonomous lock allows the automation of the management and the regulation of the flow in the shared spaces or the meeting rooms.

The Welcomr connected lock does not need any power supply or internet connection to operate. Enjoy its autonomy for a few years.

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Take advantage of the open and simple use of APIs - Integrated to Zapier

APIs that allow us to adjust to your needs

To maximize your experience, Welcomr is compatible with multiple existing softwares: booking platform, third party management, shared calendar, event organization, etc.
The booking of a space generates automatically a secured access on the smartphone of your coworkers. Their arrival is done autonomously and with serenity.

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Real users, real satisfaction

Coworking Space - Customers opinion Lodge by Engie

Frédéric CORNU - Belgique

« Welcomr is for us an effictive and simple tool that allows us to manage all the complexity of the accesses to the buildings for the employees and the guests.

Welcomr says what it does and does what it says.»

Coworking space - Customers opinion Patchwork, Coworking Space

Patchwork founder

« We are really happy with the use of Welcomr. Easy to learn and use, no complexe setup. After looking for the right solution for a long time we found a real satisfaction with Welcomr.
Everything is easy. It does work without maintenance: it became obvious for us!»

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