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You are a user of the Welcomr App

Welcomr, what is it?

Welcomr integrates high security, agility levels and dematerialization in the new generation of access control.
You can now forget about badges, keys, digicodes or other remotes control... All your accesses are in one single app: Welcomr.

Indeed, you might not know it but with Welcomr, your smartphone becomes your most secured accessory.
Welcomr solution is composed of 3 elements: the Welcomr controller -made invisible, as a door handle or any other customizable accessory- (hardware), the Security Center (software) and Welcomr’App (application mobile).

The Welcomr app centralizes all your access rights for all your needs. One single app to access to all your equipped buildings.



Where can I download the Welcomr App?

You can download the Welcomr App on theApp Store if you have an iPhone, or on theGoogle Play Store if your smartphone has Android.



Is my phone compatible with the Welcomr'App?

Welcomr’App is compatible on iPhone from iOS 8.0 (from iPhone 4S) and on most of the Android phones from version 5.1 and with the bluetooth 4.0.

To know the iOS version of your iPhone

    Settings > General > Software Update

To know the Android version of your smartphone

    Settings > About the smartphone > Software infos > Android version


Where to find my current and upcoming accesses?

In the « Access » tab of the app, you can find all your current and authorized accesses.
In this tab, you will only be able to activate the nearby accesses. The accesses of your future meetings or bookings appear in the « access » tab only from the time when they become valid.

You can find all the information needed prior to your visit in the tab « invitations » of your upcoming meetings (Date and hours of each access disponibility, specific address and the associated map, the details of your meeting...).

By clicking on the map, you will be automatically guided to your meeting place.


How to unlock an access?

All your current authorized accesses are available in the « access » tab.
If you are nearby an access, the logo becomes active, white and indicates « Slide to open ». You only need to slide the white logo to the right.

Otherwise, the app indicates « not detected », it means that you are too far from the authorized access.


Do I need to create a user account?

The Welcomr user does not imply the creation of an account, and that is the strength of the application.
The identification is made with a username and a password easily hackable, but direcyly through your smartphone.


Do I need to activate the Bluetooth everytime I want to use the application?

The Welcomr technology is based on the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth allows your smartphone to communicate with the Welcomr controller which is not connected to any network. It limits the risks of security breaches.

The Bluetooth needs to be activated to use the Welcomr app.

The Bluetooth does not use a lot of power and is active only when the application is being used. Its energy consumption is so low, that the impact on your smartphone battery is almost inexistant.


Why do I need to authorize the access to the camera?

The camera is only needed when you don't have the email available on your smartphone.


What happens if I delete the application on my smartphone?

If you delete the application from your smartphone, your accesses will be automatically deleted from your smartphone.
So even if you reinstall the application, you will need to ask again for the authorizations.

But don't worry, if you decide to resell or change your smartphone, by reseting it, there is no risk that the new owner recovers your accesses.


You are a Security Center user

How to access the Security Center and how to sign in?

You can access your Security Center by clicking on WELCOMR SECURITY CENTER

You will notice that no password is needed to access the Security Center. Indeed, Welcomr puts the security at the heart of its preoccupations and decided to replace the passwords by a direct link between the Security Center and your smartphone.

To sign in to your Security Center, scan the QR code with your smartphone (by clicking on the « scan » icon of Welcomr’App).
Remember to authorize the access to the camera, it will be used to scan the QR codes of the app.

Before you can sign in, your smartphone needs to be authorized to access the Welcomr Security Center. You should have received an email to authorize your smartphone to access the Security Center.

If your smartphone is allowed to sign in to the Security Center, your name account will appear under the scan.

If it is not the case, you need to contact your installer or administrator.


What are the optimal conditions to the proper functioning of the Security Center

The Security Center has been developed and optimized for all recent browsers and needs the activation of JavaScript. If JavaScript has been desactivated, the content or functionalities of the Security Center will be limited or unavailable.

Learn more about the activation of JavaScript according to your bowser:

It should be noted that the Security Center cannot be used under the private mode of some browsers that prevents the storage of session variables.


Why should I use the Welcomr Security Center?

As a Welcomr user, your administrator can allow you to have some rights such as giving limited access over time and space for you meetings with external guests.

Once you are connected, follow your instinct :) The ergonomy of the Security Center has been studied to be easy to use at its maximal potential.


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