visitors reception on smartphone

Accompany your visitors prior to their arrival until they leave your building.

Isn’t a happy visitor the beginning of a successful meeting?

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Revolutionize visitors reception and management!

Acces control and visitors reception 100% on smartphone

Practical information broadcast before a meeting

Visitors have all practical and required information to prepare their visit beforehand: map and guidance, contact, subject of the event…

Access management and visitors reception finally becomes simple and quick on smartphone

Access 100% on smartphone

The authorized collaborators won’t have to deal with badges and keys anymore, the invitations are now secured and digitalized directly on their smartphone.

Simplified access management solution

Visitors recognition

On his arrival, a visitor can print an adhesive name tag directly from the app so that he can be identified inside the building.

Welcomr has no invitation limit

Simplified management

Welcomr’s Security Center allows to generate temporary access rights to specific places.

The administrator keeps control over the sent access rights

Supervised accesses

The person in charge of the reception confirms that the visitor has arrived for his meeting, and unlocks the acces rights he was sent beforehand.

Welcomr allows each collaborator to be notified once the visitor has arrived.

Notification in real time

The collaborator is instantly notified of the arrival of his visitor

Welcomr has been designed to welcome visitors in a simple and effective way

Reception, serenity and security

Welcomr allows you to display in real time all the planned meetings including external visitors to your company.

The reception can register a visitor upon his arrival and after the verification of his identity, unlock the required access rights. At each arrival, the host is automatically notified.

When the meeting ends and the visitor has to leave, the departure is announced on the interface and the access rights are automatically revoked.

Full respect of privacy: only the authorized people have access to the interface and to the visitor's identity.

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The benefits of Welcomr

Book a parking space for your privileged visitors

From parking lot to meeting room

Your visitor is planning to come by car?
Book a parking space for him at the date and time of his meeting in a single click.

Accesses are automized through smartphones up to your parking spaces

Adapted resources to the visitors' needs

On the Welcomr App, visitors can choose their mean of transport so that they have access to the most adapted resource: parking space, bicycle garage, etc.

Welcomr respects the privacy of your visitors and collaborators

Respect of privacy

Welcomr offers a solution that respects the privacy of your collaborators and their visitors by ensuring confidentiality: the name of your visitor remains private. 

A backoffice that is responsive and available for all

Provide your collaborators with full autonomy

Security Center, the platform to manage access control and to send temporary and secured access rights to the visitors.

Each collaborator, if authorized to do so, can freely create a meeting event and within a few seconds only.
After the creation of a meeting, an email that contains all practical information as well as the dematerialized access rights is automatically sent to the visitor.

What is more, the interface allows the receptionist to check the identity of every visitor before unlocking the authorized access rights.

Visitor reception management has never been that simple, smooth and satisfactory!

Quick installation

The installation of Welcomr solution is simple and quick. The installation can be done with the help of a certified installer or by your own means,the site is equipped in less than 10 minutes.

100% digital and secured

Welcomr brings a real change in visitors reception management:simplicity and serenity are guaranteed even before the beginning of the meeting.

Integration available

Thanks to Welcomr’s open-source API, over 1 000 popular softwares are already compatible with Welcomr for easy and tailor-made integrations, as close as possible to your needs.

Independent controller and autonomous lock: Welcomr is the easiest access control system to install

Visitors recognition

In order to quickly identify the visitors present within the building, Welcomr offers the printing of a nominative tag at their entry inside the building.

When the visitor arrives, he registers his personal details on a tablet available at the reception desk of the building. The host is notified of his visitor arrival: time saving and serenity are guaranteed.

Your visitor has its own personalized name tag and can move around freely on his meeting location.

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Take advantage of the open-sourced and simple use APIs - Integrated to Zapier

APIs that allow us to adapt to your needs

To better your experience, Welcomr is compatible with multiple existing softwares: reservation platform, third party management, shared calendar, event organization, etc.

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