Welcomr, the secure and digital access control system

Access Control-as-a-Service

Impress your collaborators and visitors
with a smoother use of your buildings
that is 100% secure

The new generation of access control system available for all

Welcomr is the first customized physical access control.

The mobile app accompanies the user on a daily basis and enriches his experience before and after his arrival at the authorized premisses.

Welcomr is the solution that allows administrators to off-load repetitive tasks while ensuring control and security of the whole building.

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Because you have so many things to do other than managing access badges

Welcomr has revolutionized the way in which access rights are managed, by succeeding in automatizing and dematerializing it, while keeping it at a high security level
Dematerialization of secured access rights

Dematerialization and remote assignment of access rights

Welcomr can be implemented to your existing badges or keys management system, allowing you to manage a secured access network accross the world in only a few clicks and without a complex installation.

Serenity of the access control users

User serenity

The access control becomes a source of satisfaction for the user: no waiting, no stress. Every guest can find upstream the practical information of his meeting to arrive serenely and autonomously.

Simplified access management solution

Simplified plug and play solution

Directly connected to the opening device, the access control management system, Welcomr, reduces the wiring.The installation time is divided by more than 3.
Connect (and hide) the Welcomr controller within the area to have it protected and... that's it! The platform does the rest.

Internal departments reconciled thanks to Welcomr

Unlimited scalability

Welcomr is the only access control solution that has no limits while remaining highly secured: no limits concerning the number of users, access… anywhere in the world!

Welcomr, the innovation and dematerialization of access management

Innovative corporate image

Impress your visitors by simplifying their life and anticipating their needs.

Who would have thought that access control would constitute an advantage instead of a constraint?

Secured access control

Maximum security for the concerned area.

Welcomr's reliability is maximised thanks to its segmentation without interdependence.

Welcomr has been tested and approved by independent institutes and is one of the most secured solution in the market.

A flexible solution adapted to your infrastructure

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Welcomr App available on iPhone and Android

Put all your meetings in your pocket

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*Welcomr'App is available on iPhone and Android's smartphones from the version 5.1 and bluetooth 4.

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