Privacy Policy

We want to offer a secured system for the website and its users, therefore, we do everything in our power to limit the personal data in our possession and we only use them in the objective to improve the buildings and the people’s security.

Even though the communications are encrypted, there is no personal data transmitted or stored in the controller when a door is opened.

You cannot open the doors hands free with the Welcomr application, so that your smartphone cannot be traced or hacked. Therefore, it communicates with the doors only when you ask for it!

Statistical information are used to diagnose the proper functioning of the application and controller. These information are exploited anonymously to improve our systems and are not retrievable or transmitted to third party.

As a guest,

You are known to the system through your name and email address and/or phone number entered by the host.

You can refuse to use the Welcomr system by not pursuing the steps once you received the invitation email.

When you click on the email, you benefit from the Welcomr services on your behalf and the physical accesses that you will activate will be identified as on your behalf.

Additional information such as your arrival and departure time can be stored in order to track onsite people and allow your safety in case of emergency.

The information about you are only available to the host by default and in specific cases to designated managers of the structure.

All the information about the invitations or the accesses are definitively deleted after a specific period of archiving depending on the policy of the company and limited to 60 days maximum.

You can exert your right to delete by consulting the person in charge of the personal data (see his/her name in the invitation email).

As a permanent user,

You are known to the system in the form of a name, surname, email address, phone number, name of the company or service.

The information are present for an undefined period and you can benefit from different functionalities depending on the defined rights.

Physical access:

The use of your permanent physical accesses are identified under your name.

The use of the accesses given to some guests are identified as under your responsibility and therefore associated to your name. By default, except in case of explicitly supervised access, no one else than you can see the name of your guests.

All the accesses information are stored for an archiving period dependent from the policy of the structure and limited to 60 days maximum.

Applications :

Your meetings are only available to you unless stated otherwise. Therefore, the list and the details of the people that you invite are not communicated to the structure that offers the services, nor to third parties and are not exploited for any other use.

In specific cases of supervised access: if you decide to offer a supervised access, you accept to share the needed information about the security with the designated managers. They will be able to see the names, email addresses, phone numbers and arrival and departure time of your guests. These information are searchable and used to know the list of the people onsite in case of emergency. The history of of your guests accesses is linked to your name.

All the application information are stored for an archiving period dependent of the policy of the structure and limited to 60 days maximum.