Welcomr, the access control system easy and fast to set up

Access Control-as-a-Service

Who would have thought that access management could be that simple?

Welcomr, how does it work?

Access control and visitors management in one single tool that is 100% dematerialized, it's possible!
The Welcomr controller
Welcomr, the digital acces control solution made in Loire Valley
Welcomr solution, the invisible security: design and discreet
Welcomr is one of the most secured access control system in the market
Acces control without any connection: the communication between the controller and the smartphone is made via Bluetooth 4 and is fully secured

The Welcomr controller

The Welcomr controller is the sole physical element which is required to manage and secure an access point.

Developed by Welcomr's experts, it allows an agile management with a high level of security.
Physically inaccessible and independent from any network, it brings security and material isolation.
Fully autonomous, its reliability level has never been reached before.
Totally invisible, it is prepared against any attack that could aim at harming the architecture of your buildings.

What's more, the controller can be connected to an already existing installation.

The Welcomr controller is made in Centre Val de Loire : 100% made in France.

The autonomous door handle

The autonomous door handle

The new Welcomr lock has been designed to answer to all your needs when it comes to managing meeting rooms or other indoor rooms.

» plug and play solution : the installation is made within a few minutes only, without any intervention of a specialist.
» Autonomous and independent from any network: the new door handle doesn't require any electric or internet connection.
» Very low energy consumption : it has a few years of operating life. Do not worry about the batteries level, you'll be notified when it is time to change the batteries.

Welcomr connected lock optimizes the indoor rooms management : offices, meeting rooms, or any other area under reservation.

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The Security Center

The Security Center

The Welcomr Security Center is the mobile app that allows you to control the security of all your sites.

The Security Center can be integrated to reservation platforms or visitors management platforms thanks to itsAPI, that is very simple to use.
» In SaaS mode, the Security Center is reliable and doesn't require any installation or maintenance.
» Agile, it allows a transversal management of authorizations to the different users, sites and connected services.
» 100% responsive, it is available on smartphones, tablets and computers while restraining access rights by source.

» Access to the Security Center
Welcomr App

Welcomr App

The Welcomr App is available for freeto everyone and centralizes all access rights in one single app.

Thanks to Welcomr App, all access rights and practical information about your meetings are available in your pocket !
» Dynamic, the mobile app features contextual information essential to enrich user experience.
» Optimized, it is securely connected to the different Welcomr controllers and the management servers.
» Enriched, the application brings a real added value to the users and becomes a real source of satisfaction.
» It communicates with the controller via Bluetooth® to unlock the door when asked to do so.

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A happy guest is the beginning of a successful meeting

It is that simple !

Satisfied users is guaranteed Users satisfaction guaranteed Users satisfaction guaranteed Users satisfaction guaranteed Users satisfaction guaranteed

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