Welcomr, the access control system made for the professionals

Access Control-as-a-Service

Welcomr is more than an access control
Simplified access management: innovation, satisfaction

The app that adds service to your authorized accesses

Welcomr revolutionizes the access management

The access management has never been that simple.
You will forget about the time spent to manage and control your accesses.

*Welcomr'App is available on iPhone and Android's smartphones from version 5.1 and with bluetooth 4.

Control all your accesses without any constraint or limit

Collaborators or external person, permanent or temporary physical access, the distribution can be made within a few clicks.

You keep the control by defining opening or availability hours depending on your policy.
Inviting external people securely to a specific date and time slot is now possible and without any constraint.

For more flexibility and autonomy, delegate this right to your collaborators.

If you regularly or occasionally organize events, Welcomr allows the organisator to manage all the participants in a secured and automatic way.

Thanks to the Welcomr API, integrating the access management to your existing web platforms (reservation, online sale...) becomes very easy.

Offer a unique and customized experience to all your guests

Welcomr integrates the access control and guests reception in one single intuitive tool that is accessible to everyone.

Impress your guests and reduce all the steps to create a meeting for your collaborators.

Every access is now configured prior to every meeting for a better preparation of the meeting.

The receptionist can now focus on his/her main function of welcoming the guests by reducing the administrative tasks that has no real added value for the guest.

Visually identify your guests with printed identification label

Thanks to the label printer, bring comfort and security to all your guests.
As his arrival in the building, the guest can print autonomously an identification label with summary information needed for his identification: first name, family name, the accompaying person, his visit schedule…

The labels are 100% customizable according to your needs.

The label facilitates the meeting between the host and guest, and the identification of a new guest at a glance.

Be notified in real time of the arrival of your guests

Once one of your guests arrives in the building, you are automatically and instantly notified. Welcomr allows you to optimize the waiting time at the reception desk for all your guests.

Indeed, Welcomr is more than an access control, it is also and mainly a real visit optimization and management tool: your guests satisfaction is our priority !

Simplifice your billing thanks to the presence time calculation

Each controller or door lock can be pre-defined as an entry or exit point allowing the calculation of the presence time of a user.

The personalized and autonomous export allows you to easily bill each client. The automation goes beyond the traditional management of the physical accesses.

Welcomr offers a complete solution: from the booking to the billing.

Improve the guests reception conditions by offering them the possibility to book a parking space

You scheduled a meeting and you have a guests parking? Thanks to Welcomr, you can offer a parking space to your guest if he comes by car.

Everything is contolled on the platform, do not worry about the parking management anymore, Welcomr does it for you!

You can focus on the preparation and the reception of your meeting.

Notify the participants of a meeting or the imminent end of a booking

A lighting strip is put inside the room and indicates the remaining time of the booking. Another strip is put outside the room to indicate if the room is available or not.

The lighting strip reduces the conflicts between the collaborators on the meeting rooms and brings comfort and confidentiality during the meetings by reducing the number of external interruptions.

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Add the access management to all your internal resources

Print-outs, wifi access, lighting management or the activation of a closed and secured wifi...
Welcomr helps you to control all your resources by integrating them to Welcomr.

All the physical accesses but also the digital accesses are accessible in one single app.

Dispose of an emergency list in one click

In case of emergency, you immediately know who is present inside the building, the people in charge of the security are also notified with that list.

Add even more complementary services

Thanks to the ticketing, the only limit will be your imagination!

Respect the privacy of all Welcomr's users

No identification needed and no abusive tracking, Welcomr offers a solution that respects the privacy of all your collaborators and their guests.

A guest's personal data remain confidential: only the initiator of an external invitation has access to the details of the visit and its history.

Security and privacy are perfectly integrated and respected.

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