Welcomr, the access control system made for the professionals

Access Control-as-a-Service

Reconciliate the company with the access control by making the security a real advantage and not a constraint

Reconciliate the access management...

...with the SI department

Independence, autonomy and security

The secured access management offered by Welcomr is completely independent and autonomous from the information system of the company.

The use of Welcomr does not require the creation of an account: no data stored.

The Welcomr Security Center is an application in SaaS mode hosted on secured servers : no software to install on the collaborators' workstations. The controled access management becomes simple to use... and entirely secured!

...with the marketing and communication department

Innovative, guests serenity, new flexible communication support.

'The badge, which did not bring anything except its basic function of opening accesses, has been replaced by the smartphone. It is now possible to create a real positive user experience and accompanies your guests to arrive serenely.

The smartphone becomes a new flexible and 100% customizable communication support.

...with the general services

Simple and easy to install, as a complementary or autonomous system.

The installation of the Welcomr controller does not require consistent works : connection to the door control and to a power source... And that's it ! What's more, it must be invisible inside the area to secure.

The installation of the Welcomr door handle is even simpler and does not require specific pre-requisite, no power source, no branching. It can adjust to any of your indoor doors that need to be automated.

Welcomr can be installed as a complement to the access system already in place or as a single and unique access control system.

...with the human resources

Security, simplified access management, first positive picture of all your guests.

Collaborators and providers can access the building areas where they have the rights during the authorized time slots.

No registration needed to use the application, the download of the accesses sent by email is enough to get the accesses on your guests smartphone.

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