Welcomr, the digital and secured access control system

Access Control-as-a-Service

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Welcomr accompanies its partners in the installation and implementation of the access control

Why recommend Welcomr to your clients?

Offer a simple and complete catalogue to your clients and do not waste time with the installation, the configuration or the calculation of the charges of the access control.

The Welcomr offer is packed to facilitate your life and can be adapted to your clients’ needs: highly secured access control, guests reception, resources management and more.

By automating the tedious tasks of the company, Welcomr is the ideal companion for you and your clients.

Your clients are winners... and you are too!

Technical documentation

Installers, earn some time and money

Electric latch compatible with Welcomr

Contol of an electric latch

Installed within a few minutes, Welcomr adjusted well to a door equiped with an electric latch.

One single controller for any kinds of latch: you will like the simplicity of our catalogue.

Control of an electric magnet

Control of a door magnet

One single controller can simply be connected to any kinds of door magnet while recovering the existing infrastructure.

The simplicity of installation has not yet been equalized.

Autonomous indoor lock

The new autonomous lock

Ideal for the indoor rooms, the lock does not need any wiring and its autonomy of a few years has been approuved.

Dematerialized access control integrated to parkings

Parking spaces management

Always thanks to the same technology, complete your offer to your clients by adding the management and the control of private parking spaces.

The simple and quick guests identification

Guests identification

Without any hard installation, the printer dedicated to the guests identification represents a real added value for your clients.

Identifying all the guests in a building has never been that easy.

Services and internal resources management

Resources management

Welcomr's strength is in its hardware flexibility.
The controller is adapted to any electric control: lighting, wifi, alarm...

Accompagned with the reservation solution, Welcomr transforms the basic building into a real smart building.

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