Welcomr, the secured and digital access control system

Access Control-as-a-Service


Agile and flexible access management

Coworking spaces, business incubators

Welcomr is the ideal solution to manage, control and optimize the incoming trafic of residents and visitors in shared spaces.

Welcomr can be independent or directly integrated in a booking solution that may already be in place. A validated booking automatically generates a unique, personal and secured access key to the authorized area during the time slot of the reservation.

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Ease, optimize and automate the access control management of your collaborators and their external visitors.

Thanks to Welcomr, no more tedious manual tasks, your receptionist will be able to focus on the visitors reception.

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Public administration and communities

Choose Welcomr, as a local government or administration ; it will be easier to manage public shared places : sports facilities, buildings dedicated to associations, reception hall rentals...

With Welcomr, your constituents can easy enter public places during the pre-defined schedule.

Events and rental places

Welcomr allows you to centralize all your access points in one single place.

The digital Welcomr center allows your tenants to distribute access rights to their visitors within the limits defined in the rental contract.

At the end of the rental, all access rights are automatically revoked : your place is highly secured.

Parking lots

Being able to park is a recurring problem for all city dwellers: Welcomr is the answer to facilitate access to parking spaces. As a parking lot manager, you will be able to distribute some limited access rights to the car drivers according to the schedule of the day.

To maximize user experience and driving safety, Welcomr notifies the user with a notification when he is in front of the parking lot where he has immediate access rights. In one simple move, the gate opens.

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Technical rooms

When security and autonomy are well balanced...

Welcomr allows you to authorize an external provider to access to a specific technical room at a set schedule and to automatically revoke the access once the operation is complete. You will also be able to control that the operation has been carried out : the external intervenor can directly send by email his report on the operation to the internal manager.

Construction site shelters

Controling and limiting the accesses on the construction sites has become a real challenge.

Welcomr offers you a specific offer to equip your shelters and other precast for construction sites.

These installations are mobile and evolve accross time and space. Welcomr is perfectly adapted to this agility: no additionnal wiring, no internet connection or network connection is needed.

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